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Some nearby bodies of water are:

Mattagami River
Abitibi River (New Post Falls)
Departure, Sand and Indian Lakes

Hydro Generating Stations - Dams

All accessible via highway 634 N through Smooth Rock Falls, with the exception of the dam in Smooth Rock Falls: via Hwy 11 W, 1st road on the right just past the Mattagami River Bridge to "Lookout Road". There is a platform overlooking the dam.

On Mattagami River:

SRF Dam (Private)

Little Long Rapids (OPG)

Smokey Falls (OPG)

Harmon (OPG)

Kipling (OPG)

On Abitibi River:

Island Falls GS (Private)

Abitibi Canyon (OPG)

Otter Rapds (OPG)

Newpost GS (Private)

Go Exploring

New Post Falls (40km N): Launch at Abitibi Canyon. Also accessible by 4-Wheeler/Snow machine.

New Post Cemetery (Approx. 40km N): Launch at Abitibi Canyon

North launch at SRF below the dam: Rapids/portages

S launch at SRF Kelly Park, boating to Island Falls (11km), access to Muskego River


Forgotten Places

S of SRF, Jacksonboro & Tudhope: Approx. 5km S on Mattagami River. Boat launch in SRF. Also accessible by car via Hwy 11 W.

Lakes/Parks Nearby

Departure Lake (W of SRF via Hwy 11): Cottages, camping, swimming, fishing

Sand & Indian Lakes (NW of SRF via Hwy 11): Cottages, fishing

Ouellette's Bay/Conservation Club (NW of SRF via Hwy 11): Access to Poplar Rapids & Mattagami Rivers

Twin Lakes (Moonbeam, Private Park): Camping, swimming, water slides

Rene Brunelle Prov. Park (Moonbeam): Camping, fishing

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