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Registration Fee: $25/Child
Grades: 1- 6 
Practice: twice a week
Weekly Scrimmage Games
Each year may vary
Follow us on Facebook for Up-to-date information on our programs, events, etc
Registration Fee: $25/Child
Grades: 2- 6 
Practice: Once a week
Added Scrimmage Games
Each year may vary
Follow us on Facebook for Up-to-date information on our programs, events, etc
In 2016, a local youth group from Bethel Gospel Assembly were challenged to find ways to serve the community. The youth at the time agreed they could run a soccer club for local children in grades 1-6 for the month of May and June. In their first year approximately 43 kids joined. Thanks to Ecole Georges Vanier practices were run in the playing field behind the school. Moonbeam's
soccer club invited  Smooth Rock Fall's soccer club to play scrimmage games which they happily obliged and met every year since for games! Fueled by the first year's success, the group would again run the program for another 2 years. 
In 2018, the group created a partnership with the Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Corporation. The group and SRFEDC would add a Parent & Tots Soccer and a SOFTBALL program to expand the existing club and increase activities available in Smooth Rock Falls.  The new programs brought in 55 different parents and kids for soccer and 24 kids for the softball program. The new softball equipment was even used for an adult scrimmage game in Swastika, Ontario. (The 31 Smooth Rockers won against the Swastika group.)
A SPECIAL THANKS to the Government of Ontario, the SRFEDC were able to receive funds from the Ontario Sports and Recreation Community Fund in 2018 and purchase new soccer and softball equipment for the SRF Sports Club. 
In 2019, the SRFEDC took over the operations due to the increase and added pressures of running the club. The original group still support and work closely with the SRFEDC to ensure success for everyone involved. 
In 2019, the Northern Special Stars Soccer Club ran a pilot program for special needs families to attend soccer. Due to lack of interest the pilot program ended. 
IN 2020, the club has put a hold on any operations due to COVID-19. 
Special Thanks to:
All those who've volunteered and sponsored the program!
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