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Smooth Truck Fest

Smooth Truck Fest

Since 2006 the Pride & Booster Organizing Committee, and the Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Corporation (EDC), has been putting together a great lineup of activities for the entire family.  Truck Fest delivers a full weekend of varied events and entertainment.  It also offers opportunities for meeting old friends and making new ones.

Join us this August for a weekend of great fun, enjoyment, and experience what makes Smooth Rock Falls the place to be!


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Winter Carnival

(Usually Held the first weekend in March)

History information to come. Check out the link below to see more information on the past few years. 

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Everyone is welcome to join in the Christmas Parade. Decorate your vehicle or a float. 


Register with us for parade day details! 705-338-7093. 


Santa and his helpers do an evening tour where he stops by to say hello to kids (and residents) of Smooth Rock Falls. 

Schedule a visit by calling 705-338-7093


Senior's Picnic is an annual event hosted in June by the SRF Hospital and the SRF Municipality to celebrate Seniors Month! 

The event is free for local seniors to attend a free lunch. 

July 1st Activities 

The Municipality hosts July 1st activities at the SRF Swimming Pool each year. 

Each year, other organizations have the opportunity to hosts July 1st activities. The best way to stay informed is to follow the Municipality's Facebook Page or website. 

Francoise Landry Community Pride Day

For more than 60 years, Francoise Landry dedicated her time to keeping Smooth Rock Falls clean and pristine.

In honor of her passion, the municipality hosts the Francoise Landry Community Pride Day where we can all pitch in our efforts to clean our little town. 

Remembrance Day Ceremony

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 305 hosts the annual ceremony at 145-5th Street each year. 

Follow the Royal Canadian Legion on Facebook for specific details each year. 

The best way to stay up-to-date on events, programs, activities and a slew of other information, join the "Fans of Smooth Rock Falls" Facebook Page.

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