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Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada

Located in Northeastern Ontario, in the District of Cochrane
A part of the James Bay Frontier Tourist Region.

The community was established in 1916 along the shores of the Mattagami River.  The town received its name for an area on the Mattagami River, where the water splashes over a large rock smoothed over by fast-flowing water.

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls was incorporated in 1929.  It has a long rich history in the Forestry and Energy sector. Located on Highway 11 between Cochrane and Kapuskasing, along the scenic Mattagami River, Smooth Rock Falls is more than just your typical northern town.

Until 2017, it was known as “The North’s Biggest Little Town” but is now rebranded as "Near North Near Perfect as of 2018. We are a bilingual community in which most services are offered in both official languages, English and French.  This is a friendly, well-kept town with an “open for business and play” attitude thereby presenting opportunities for both prospective and existing businesses.

Regional Location

Smooth Rock Falls is situated on the Highway 11 corridor, between the neighboring Towns of Cochrane to the east (55 kms) and Kapuskasing to the west (65 kms). 


Highway 634, originating in Smooth Rock Falls, affords access to seven Hydro Generating Stations to the north.


Highway 655, starting in Driftwood (to the east), provides easy access to Timmins (100 kms south), the larger regional center.


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